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With Ztalk you get simple international and national calling at a great rate every time you call overseas.

How to use Ztalk

You can automatically access Ztalk rates by dialling 0505 before the number you wish to call.
Ztalk 0505 is only available if you've chosen Talk 24/7 as your primary calling plan.


per minute
Returned rates apply to calls to mobile phones, except where the mobile rate is listed separately.

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Ztalk Destinations Rate per minute
NZ Landline $0.09
NZ Mobile $0.46
Australia (except Australian Islands**) $0.09
Australia Mobile $0.42
Brazil $0.20
Brazil Mobile $0.41
Canada $0.09
China $0.09
China Mobile $0.09
Fiji $0.61
Fiji Mobile $0.61
Germany $0.09
Germany Mobile $0.46
Hong Kong $0.09
Hong Kong Mobile $0.09
India - Main Cities * $0.20
India Mobile $0.31
Ireland $0.09
Ireland Mobile $0.46
Japan $0.09
Japan Mobile $0.41
Malaysia $0.09
Malaysia mobile $0.20
Netherlands $0.09
Netherlands Mobile $0.51
Philippines $0.36
Philippines Mobile $0.41
South Africa $0.25
South Africa Mobile $0.46
South Korea $0.09
South Korea Mobile $0.31
Sri Lanka $0.46
Taiwan $0.09
Taiwan Mobile $0.31
Tonga $0.52
United Kingdom $0.09
United Kingdom Mobile $0.41
United States $0.09
Western Samoa $0.72

* India Main Cities = Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Madras, New Delhi
** Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Coral Sea Islands, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Norfolk Island, Macquarie Island

Rates are effective from 06-Sep-2011

How to use 0505 to access Ztalk rates

Calling a NZ landline
Dial 0505 + area code + phone number
For example, 0505 04 123-4567 (call to Wellington)

Calling internationally
Dial 0505 + 00 + country code + area code + phone number
For example, 0505 00 86 21 123-4567 (call to Shanghai, China)

Calling a NZ mobile
Dial 0505 + mobile number
For example, 0505 021 123-4567 (call to Vodafone mobile)

Ztalk Terms and Conditions

  • Calls are charged on a minute plus minute basis.
  • Rates also apply to mobile phones, except where the mobile rate is listed separately.
  • Only available to residential customers. Residential Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Ztalk0505 rates exclude calls to directory assistance (018 and 0172), operator assisted (010 and 0170), special numbers (e.g. 0900), and calls with other service providers.
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