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Phoneline & Features

As an InHome PhoneLine customer you get 2 free Star Features*.

Prices effective 1st October 2010

Prices Phone Only Dual Service Triple Play
PhoneLine $39.95 $39.95 $39.95
Second Line $30.62 $24.77 $15.62
VoiceMail $7.15 $6.07 $6.07

Dual Service - Phone and Digital TV
Triple Play - Phone, Digital TV and HighSpeed Internet

The more services you take (up to 3 Services) the more discount you receive on your overall package.  

Discount based on your toll spend

With InHome PhoneLine you receive discounts when you spend $80 or more each month on direct dial calling with Vodafone. The more you talk, the bigger the discounts get.  Check out the table below to see just how much you could save:

Monthly Toll Spend Discount/mth off Line Rental Monthly PhoneLine Rental Estimated Annual Savings
$0-$79.99 $0 $39.95 $0
$80.00 - $119.99 $5 $34.95 $60
$120 - $159.99 $10 $29.95 $120
$160 - $199.99 $20 $19.95 $240
$200+ $29.95 $10.00 $359.40

* free Star Features are Last Call Received and Call Divert and are charged at 26 cents per call or use, up to a maximum of $2.51 per feature per month.


Star Features

Star Features Description Price per Month
Caller ID Displays the phone number of your caller before you answer (unless caller has CLIR activated). You'll need a caller ID unit for this. $2.51
Call waiting Lets you know if someone is trying to get through while you're on the phone and allows you to answer the second call. $2.51
Fax and Phone Gives you a different telephone number with a different ring tone for incoming fax calls. $2.51
Call divert - Remote access Lets you activate and deactivate call divert from any phone. $2.51
Call control Prevents others from making toll calls on your phone. You can make calls by entering a pin number. $2.51
Do not disturb Diverts incoming calls to a busy signal when you don't want to be interrupted. $2.51
Multiple numbers You can get up to 3 different telephone numbers with a different ring for each - for just $2.51/month per number. $2.51
Quick dial Lets you store the numbers you call most frequently so you can dial them using just 3 keys. $2.51
Reminder Call
Allows you to set your phone to ring at a specified time. $2.51
Three Way Calling
Three Way Calling allows you to set up a phone conversation with two different people in different locations. All three of you can make plans or share important information at the same time. $0.26
per use up to a maximum of
$2.51 per month
Voice Messaging Never miss another call! Voice Messaging makes your life easier by turning your phone into a 24-hour answering system. Messages are stored electronically, so they are clear and easy to understand. It's easy to use and retrieving your messages is quick and simple, even when you are away. $7.15
with phone line only or

with dual service or triple play


Other Features

Automatically available with your Standard PhoneLine

The following two Star Features are pay per use features which come as standard with your InHome phone line rental.

1. Last Call Received
Tells you the number of your last caller (unless the caller has CLI Restriction activated).

2. Call Divert
Transfers your phone calls to another phone number.


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