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If you would like to make any changes to your existing plan, please give us a call on
0508 888 800

InHome Early Termination Charges

In some cases early termination charges may apply for customers disconnecting their services before the end of the minimum sign up period.

Charges - Individual Products and Packages

All prices include GST.

Minimum Sign Up 12 months 24 months 24 months 24 months
Disconnection Period Before 12 months Before 6 months Between 6 and 12 months Between 12 and 24 months
(applies to each phone line you have connected)
$20 $49 $49 $29
T-Box - $199 $199 $199
Digital or Analogue TV Only
(applies to each decoder you have connected)
$50 $149 $149 $99
LightSpeed/WarpSpeed Internet Only $50 $149 $149 $99
Phone Plus Package $20 $49 $49 $29
Dual Service Package $70 $198 $198 $128
PhoneLine and LightSpeed/WarpSpeed Packages $70 $198 $198 $128
PhoneLine, Digital TV and LightSpeed/WarpSpeed Packages $120 $347 $347 $227

Home 150 and Flat Rate Dial Up internet plans have a six month minimum subscription period.
If you terminate before the end of the six month minimum subscription period, we will continue to bill you the fixed monthly amount until the end of that six month period.

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