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Phoneline & Features

Customers with HomePlan calling packages get calling and phone line for a single monthly price.

Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch

per month
Call Local

Phone Line
Extended Free Local
Calling Area*
Competitive 24/7 Call Rates

per month
Call New Zealand

Phone Line
Unlimited National Calls
Competitive 24/7 International Call Rates

per month
Call World

Phone Line
Unlimited National Calls
Unlimited International Calls
(28 Countries)


* The Big Back Yard extended free local calling areas are available for the Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Nelson Bays and Otago Regions.

Terms & Conditions
Wiring maintenance is an optional service available for $3.00 per month and is provided to you unless you inform us otherwise. You need to have had this service for 30 days before your fault is covered. Unlimited calling is subject to a reasonable use clause. A three hour per call cap applies to all Unlimited calls. It is the customer's responsibility to manage the three hour calling cap. Calls in excess of the three hour per call cap will be charged on a per minute basis thereafter in accordance with the customer's pricing plan. Excludes three party, phone divert operator assisted, Ztalk0505 calls, calls to and from mobile phones and calls to special numbers (eg. 018, 0900). Residential terms and conditions apply.


Optional Extras - Calling

Optional extras enhance your calling and phone line package.

Phone Line Features

Additional phone line
$35.00 per month
Wiring Maintenance*
Wiring maintenance covers the cost of fixing most faults with your internal wiring or sockets and is added to your package by default unless you request otherwise.
$3.00 per month
Voice Messaging
Records voice messages for you when you’re out or on the phone.
$10.00 per month
Auto Dialling
Your phone will ring a preset number if the receiver is lifted for longer than 8 seconds. Great for emergencies, failing memories, or those with young children who can't yet remember phone numbers.
$4.00 per month
Call Waiting
Beeps when you are on the phone to advise another call is waiting. You can switch between the two calls.
$4.00 per month
Caller ID
See the phone number of the person calling you so you can choose to answer appropriately... or not at all. You’ll need a compatible phone or display unit for this feature. Not all phone numbers will be displayed.
$4.00 per month
Phone and Fax Line
Fax Calls have a different ring to normal calls, so you can let the fax pick up the call. This feature requires a compatible fax machine. You can not use this feature in conjunction with Second Phone Number.
$4.00 per month
Multiple Numbers
This lets you have a public number and a private number on a single line.
$4.00 per month
Number Block
To prevent people with Caller Identification from seeing your number, simply dial 0197 before making your call. Or you can have it automated so it instead of your number showing, the words 'Caller ID blocked' or a similar message is displayed.
FREE service
Phone Divert
If you’re busy or out you can divert your phone to your mobile or another number. You can choose from 5 types of divert: Immediate Phone Divert, Diversion if Not Answered (diverts after 10 seconds), Diversion if Busy or Immediate. Applicable calling rates are charged in addition.
$4.00 per month
Phone Divert Remote
Enables the Phone Divert service to be turned on or off from any phone remotely. Must have Phone Divert to have Phone Divert Remote. Applicable calling rates are charged in addition.
$2.50 per month
Three Way Calling
Like a mini conference call that lets you get two other friends, family or colleagues in different locations talking together.
$4.00 per month
Toll Call Control
Add a PIN so you control who makes toll calls from your phone. Toll Call Control is not compatible with the message forwarding feature on Voice Messaging.
$4.00 per month
Toll Bar - Full
This service only allows local (free) or TollFree (0800) calls to be made from your home phone.
$46.00 one off charge
Toll Bar - 0900
Prevent your home phone from calling some or all 0900 numbers. You simply need to request this service to have it activated on your line.
FREE service

* Wiring Maintenance - If you experience a fault and do not have wiring maintenance, the following charge types may apply: Premise Wiring, New socket, Labour, Site Visit, Line Installation, External Wiring Charge, Internal Wiring Charge, Fault Diagnosis Charge. Please note: Not all features are available in all areas.


Additional Phone Line

$35 per month


Call to Mobile

Calling mobile phones can really add up. Call to Mobile packages help you to make great savings when calling mobiles from your home phone, for a low monthly charge.  Pay 30 cents or less per minute with Call to Mobile packs.

Call to Mobile minutes can be used to call any NZ mobile from your home phone at any time of the day or night.

Call to Mobile 40
Receive 40 mobile minutes each month
$12 per month
Call to Mobile 60
Receive 60 mobile minutes each month
$18 per month
Call to Mobile 100
Receive 100 mobile minutes each month
$30 per month
Call to Mobile 200
Receive 200 mobile minutes each month
$60 per month
Call to Mobile 300
Receive 300 mobile minutes each month
$85 per month

All land to mobile calls outside your monthly allowance will be charged at 41c per minute.
Unused minutes can not be carried forward. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. Limited to one pack per account. The full monthly charge is payable if a Call to Mobile pack is cancelled part way through a billing month. Calls originating from mobiles, payphones, overseas and operator assisted calls are excluded.


Vodafone Calling Card

The Vodafone Calling Card is an extension of your home phone, allowing you to make a call from almost any touch-tone phone in NZ and many other countries and charge it to your Vodafone account. Calls may be included in your unlimited calling plans. Surcharges still apply.

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