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Dial Up Internet

As a Dial Up Internet customer, you pay for the time you use the internet. Dial Up Internet is delivered over a standard telephone line. Details of your plan are below.


Clearnet Dial up plans Hours in package Monthly charge Additional hourly rate
Usage Plan N/A None* $2.50
Home 150 150 $12.95* $2.50
Flat Rate Unlimited $16.95* N/A

* Dial Up Internet plans are only available as part of a package including a phone line.

Plans are charged on a per-username basis.

Additional Flat Rate Plan benefit

  • Free 5MB Personal Web Hosting


Other things you need to know about Dial Up Internet

  • Home 150 and Flat Rate plans have a 6 month minimum subscription period. If you terminate before the end of the 6 month minimum subscription period, we will continue to bill you the fixed monthly amount until the end of that 6 month period.
  • Fixed monthly charges (if applicable) are payable monthly in advance.
  • The Usage Plan has a charge of $2.50 per hour. A minimum charge of one minute applies to each connection and usage is measured per second after the first minute.
  • The Home 150 Plan base charges will entitle you to 150 hours of dial up internet time online. Time online in excess of this amount will be charged at $2.50 per hour or part thereof. Any unused internet usage cannot be carried forward to subsequent months.
  • The plans do not apply to ISDN, Global Roaming or Connect VPN connections.
  • Subject to the minimum subscription period above, you may cancel your subscription to the plan at any time, but the cancellation will not take effect until the expiry of the period for which you have been charged a fixed monthly rate.
  • Subscribing to the Plan does not entitle you to a permanent internet connection. To ensure that all of our customers are able to connect to the internet whenever they wish, Vodafone reserves the right to disconnect users who in our sole opinion have been connected or inactive for an unreasonable period. Disconnected customers may reconnect immediately.
  • Simultaneous logins are not permitted.
  • Dial Up Internet & Internet Services terms and conditions apply
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